What is a Live Casino?

live casino

When it comes to bringing a real casino experience to players online, nothing can compete with live casino games. They are streamed in real time from a professional studio and give players the feeling of being at a real table, with actual cards being dealt and a roulette wheel spinning right before their eyes. They are a great alternative to traditional online casino games and have become extremely popular among players of all ages, with some even calling them “the next best thing to being there in person”.

A key feature of the live dealer is that it is a real person who determines the results of each game instead of a computer. However, the process behind it is much more complex than that. A live dealer works in a special studio which is designed specifically to work with the streaming technology. This includes the use of specialized lighting and high-tech cameras which capture each move made by the dealer and transmit it to a player’s device. The information is then translated into data using a piece of software called the optical character recognition (OCR), which turns each gesture into a digital command to the gaming machine’s hardware. This information is then displayed on the screen and converted into a result which is then reflected back onto the live dealer’s monitor.

The whole system is connected to a computer which is responsible for encoding the video broadcast that is then sent over the internet and to each player’s device. This computer is known as a Game Control Unit, and it is essential to the operation of any live casino game. In order to get the highest quality possible, the GCU is connected to a network that can handle the large amount of data that needs to be transferred. It also uses the latest IT and audio technology to ensure a smooth experience.

Another important aspect of a live casino is its ability to offer a wide variety of table limits. Most live casinos will have tables for low-limit players, as well as VIP and high-roller tables. Players can select the table that suits them, and can change their bet size at any time. They can also chat with the dealer to build a rapport, just as they would at a land-based casino.

Players should be aware that there are specific rules which they must follow when playing at a live casino, and these can vary from one site to the next. The first step is to make sure that the site is licensed by a reputable gambling authority. They should also check the payout rates and house edges of the game they are playing. Finally, they should choose a game that they know well, as they will be more likely to strategize correctly.

In order to play at a live casino, players must register for an account with the website. This is usually a quick and easy process, and most sites will have fantastic sign-up offers which can be used to fund a new player’s first few plays. However, players should remember that these bonuses have wagering requirements and wagering contributions, which are often stated in the terms and conditions.